This is a poem that I wrote as I was reflecting on people and their accomplishments. I am only 18 at this point and I believe I have accomplished a modest amount in my life, but often when I look at what others have managed, I feel like I haven’t done as much as I should or could have. So basically this poem was me kicking my own butt and telling myself, ‘Those people are no different than you’. Something my mother always reminds me of is that everyone, from the greatest inventors, philosophers and revolutionaries to the common man all have one thing in common. They all have 24 hours in a day. That is a given. Everything they accomplished, they did in the same time span that we have. Therefore, as I wrote this poem, it spoke to me and told me you can accomplish as much as any other person, because you have the same amount of time to do so.


Familiarize yourself these words; these which

in light of grave circumstances stand firm;

‘Forfeited days cannot a mind enrich,

nor squandered chances grant a better term’.

Bequeathed are all with same gratuity,

in one respect, oft viewed with disrespect –

that stars do shine and sun gives guarantee

of equal portion to each its subject.

Does not the daytime end at evening’s wake?

Do not the starlights bed at equal hour?

Within this life, we have like chance to take

and utilize that which is in our power.


At final breath shall we give our account.

Employ that which you have in fair amount!